Woke up to a bunch of drunk kids, it’s almost 4am. One of them sounded like she was going to puke, and the rest of them smoking weed.

I hate kids

Next time when I live with people, I’m going to interview them…wait scratch that, I’m just gonna adopt a dog

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I thought living with people is fun and nice. FALSE!!

Especially when you are living with a bunch of irresponsible babies!

5 big reasons why I’m ranting here:

#1 Ever since moving in here, I’ve been treated like a fucking maid, I clean up everyone’s messes 

#2 The kitchen is always filled and it’s always fucking disgusting! How so if you ask me? Pots are always not washed, sink is filled, I can’t even use the tap, stove is always oily and disgusting, my knives are everywhere and not cleaned, no clean silverware, no clean spatulas…!!! It usually takes me more than an hour to put things away and clean up for space to cook. By the time when I finish cleaning, it’s either too late or I’m too tired to cook.

#3 As soon as I’m done with cleaning, within half an hour, or not even, the place turns into a shit wreck again. I swear! It’s like the place is a magnet of messiness!!

#4 My parents are not supporting me for my living expenses. I’m living and earning by my own. I have limited resources to support myself and I can’t afford things. I have invested on good quality kitchenware and even bought drinking glasses cause there was none in the apartment. I am willing to share with everyone as long as they treat my stuff with proper care. Instead, nobody gives a shit after using my stuff, they just lay them around, not even bother cleaning it, and I’ve already lost 3 wine glasses and 1 drinking glasses, just found my kitchen scissors underneath the sofa with a chunk of rotten cheddar cheese. I don’t even use those glasses cause I use my water bottle, and I can’t even use them when I want to cause they’re always in the sink, containing wastes and remnants of their shit!

#5 Not only they don’t treat my stuff with care, nobody has any fucking idea how to use things! For example, WHO FUCKING SCRAPS A HEATING PAN WITH A PLASTIC SPATULA!?!! AND WHO FUCKING USES A METAL SPOON TO SCOOP THINGS OFF OF A METAL/RICE-COOKER BOWL!!!!!!! WHO FUCKING PUT GREASY STUFF IN A TUPPERWARE/PLASTIC CONTAINER/BOWL!?!?! WHO PUTS FOOD IN THE MICROWAVE AND NOT COVER IT WHILE HEATING IT! I have to be the one to clean the microwave every time when I need to use it.

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Of all Asians, why am I not a Japanese??! @R#(HQF:OIWED

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大人のピタゴラスイッチ「かなりむず」 機構のロトスコープ、トランペットのピストン機構



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Asgardian bros

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they look like a fucking street gang no wonder they’re locked up 

you came to the wrong corner motherfucker

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The Creators of NYC: Geometric Artist Aakash Nihalani

Josh Wool spent a decade as an executive chef, opening restaurants across the south. But all that changed in 2010, when the carpal tunnel in his hands meant he could no longer work. To keep from going stir crazy, he picked up a camera and found his next calling. Two years, thousands of portraits, and a move to New York later, Wool is documenting the people who inspire him on a daily basis. Welcome to Creators of NYC.

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani is at the forefront of the next generation of modern artists working in New York. His work in spray paint and tape can be found not only on the walls of private collectors but in and around the streets of New York. I met up with Aakash in his Williamsburg studio, where he was preparing for a solo show.

How do you describe your art?

It’s hard … I usually direct people to look up an image on their phone. But I think at the barest, the work is about perspective, playing with our idea of three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane using tape as my primary medium, often in urban environments.

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